Saturday, April 24, 2010

My prayer for Rachel Olivia

Lord, I thank You for preparing my Rachel for me. She challenges me and entertains me - she blesses me with her personality and I am filled with love and awe for her.

Lord, I ask You today to especially bless her whole life. Please lead her and guide her and protect her and draw her close (next beside) You. Please keep her heart tender towards You and fill her mind with Your thoughts. Please put Your words in her mouth and a guard over her lips. Give her boldness and confidence in You so that she is able to fulfill all the plans You have for her.

Doubly anoint her with Your wonderful Holy Spirit in Jesus' Name and let her paths drip with goodness and love, mercy and kindness all the days of her life.
Bless her as she is a blessing, Lord.

Shield her from harm. Surround her with a Legion of Angels dispatched by the Authority of Your Word. Give my oldest daughter wisdom and knowledge and show her the path You have laid out for her. Give her eyes to see it and ears to hear Your tender, loving voice say to her, "This is the WAY, walk in it."

I pray Lord, again, that my daughter will love You more than I do. That she will be more faithful to You than I am and that she will joyfully serve You all the days of her life. I pray You would place a mantle of blessing upon her...woven together with wisdom, knowledge, love, joy and kindness. Always draw her to Yourself with cords of lovingkindness that cannot be broken, Lord.

I pray in Jesus' Name that Rachel will be continually repulsed by ungodliness, impurity and compromise. I pray that You would weed out and cast off anyone who would try to lure her onto a prodigal path. Thank You, LORD!

I pray that You would satisfy her with friends and family who love You with pure and humble hearts. Please surround her with people who love You and have pure and loving motives towards Rachel. I pray that You would fulfill all Your plans for her and I thank You that You have ordained Rod and me, and Mom and Gracie to be a part of them.

Anoint my daughter with compassion and tenderness and use her to be a light in a dark place. Use her gifts and talents that You have given her to glorify Your Name and increase the population of Your Holy Kingdom! Hallelujah!

Please prepare the husband You have for her to be the perfect ingredient to what You have planned for Rachel's life. I pray right now, Lord, that he is falling in love with You, even this very moment and that he will love You and serve You with a loyal and willing heart all the days of his life. I pray also, Lord, that their marriage will be a fun, fulfilling, and fruitful union that glorifies YOU! May they seek You in humility and gratefulness as they walk together on the path you have planned for them. Ordain the ministry You have for them, Lord. Establish it and bless it! May they be victorious in their obedience to You!
May they bless You as they bless others!

Thank You for hearing this Mother's prayer. I praise You again, dear Jesus for all You have done, are doing, and will do in our lives! We love You and honor You!
Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. I say Amen! So be it Lord, bless our sweet Rachel. And raise our Gracie up to be that "Great Woman Evangelist." May our daughters serve You all the days of their lives.

  2. Amen! Beautiful blessings from a Mother who so loves and knows her daughter! God loves your prayers, sister!

  3. God heard that prayer, as all the others.
    Rachel is a beautiful girl and He has
    wonderful plans for her life. How blessed
    she is to have you for her Mother.
    Come over and visit me Jennifer. =0)