Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The GREAT I AM, is still in business!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the easy chair with Gracie in my lap. We were watching the newest animated version of The Ten Commandments movie featuring Christian Slater voicing Moses. I was (as usual) enraptured and amazed that the God Who called to Moses out of a bush on fire that didn't burn up is the same God Who loves me and we love today. I watched in awe as Moses tried to wiggle out of God's call and God convinced him to use "these signs" to show the people that "I AM" sent him. "These signs" were the wooden staff thrown to the ground suddenly filled with life and becoming a snake. Then, Moses was instructed to pick up that writhing snake by the tail and it miraculously became a lifeless stick once a moment of incredible time. Then, Moses was instructed to put his healthy hand inside his robe and when he withdrew it, it was leprous. When he put it back inside his robe, as instructed, he once again withdrew it and it was whole.

You guys know this story. You know this is just the beginning of God flexing His muscle (so to speak) for the children of Israel and the people of Egypt. I am sitting there in that chair with that miracle kid in my lap still amazed that GOD CAN DO ANYTHING HE WANTS TO! Ooops, it's 3:15 and time to go pick up Sissy from the bus stop. Gracie and I pause the movie and scramble around for raincoats and shoes and all of the sudden my husband enters the room. Why is he home at 3:15 in the afternoon? He had a grave look on his face. In my extreme selfishness I thought fleetingly, "Oh, no...late lunch...he wants to be fed." But, when I looked at him once more, I saw a look deeper, much more intense than hunger.

In that sweet soft voice God gave him he says, "Jenn. Jenn, I need to speak with you." I hurriedly put on my other shoe and said, "Go ahead, I'm listening." "Jenn, look at me, okay." (Uh-oh. Look at me is Morris Code for: this is serious. I tried not to think of my Rachel standing at the bus stop in the sprinkling Spring rain and focus on Rod.) "Go ahead", I said again and then added, "Why are you home now?" He fiddled with his belt and said, "They terminated my position and they sent me home." I thought I heard him say, "They terminated his position and sent him home." That would mean that he just lost his job. The only job that supplies the money to support our family of four. I just looked at him waiting for him to re-explain what he just said. He didn't. I asked (feeling very much like a little child), "Are you saying you lost your job?" He nodded and took a deep breath. "Yeah, I lost my job." Stupidly (we become morons in the face of unexpected crisis, sometimes)...stupidly, I asked him, "Does that mean you won't go to work tomorrow?" He sighed and said, "Yeah. I'm done there. They sent me home. They did offer for me to stay until five today if I wanted to but you know...." he trailed off. "Yeah, I wouldn't want to stay either, under the circumstances." It was about the best thing I could offer.

I remembered Rachel. I told him I'd be right back. I felt strengthened by the testimony of the Lord's sovereignty displayed in the movie. I was supposed to be falling apart and crying maybe. Maybe I was supposed to be losing it with worry or even anger. But, I couldn't stop thinking that God orchestrated this as surely as He lured Moses onto the Mountain to display the burning bush and give him instructions of the amazing thing He was about to do in his life.

When I returned Rod and I took a few minutes together and hugged and prayed and we just gave it all back to the Lord. Our lives are in His hands. He said He will never leave us or forsake us. He has blessed us with health, family, home, and abundance. We know that He is true to His word. We have really been praying for some time that He would open up something new and close this door. I guess when you pray things like that and they happen you just aren't too surprised. I don't know what He has planned for us. But, I do know Him and He says He has GOOD plans for us. Plans to PROSPER us and not to harm us. Plans to give us a FUTURE and a HOPE. Now, that's what I'm clinging to on the Rock I call my Savior, my Redeemer and my King.

So, we're standing on the Rock of that Mountain. We are absolutely convinced that God has planned out something big for the next chapter in the Morris House. We are not worrying, only praying and waiting to see what is next. Will you pray, too? You have a glimpse inside the family now and if you know Him like we know Him, then you know He has something marvelous up His sleeve. Like our beloved Pastor Mike likes to say, "If not this, Lord, then something better!" Hallelujah, we'll keep ya posted!


  1. The McPherson family will be praying
    for the Morris family. We love you

  2. Thank you, Sandy. And everyone who is praying! We love you, too!