Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He's Got You

It has been a while since I have felt the leading of the LORD to write anything. A lot of things have been weighing on my mind these last couple of months and I have maintained a quiet busyness. This has been a blessing as my season working in the deli at the grocery store came to an end in January after our return from the school trip to Italy with my 17 year old daughter.

Last Friday night I was clearing away the dinner dishes and silently going over my worries. I was thinking over all the regrets I have as a parent, the failures, poor choices...all those little things that are heavy now that Rachel is approaching the EXIT of our home. She will be 18 this July. As I wiped down the table I heard the LORD whisper in my ear, just as clear as a bell,

"You can't mess this up. I'm going to use it all."

Friends, what a weight lifted off my chest at that moment! What a great relief He gave to me. And Oh, praise Jesus, again!

The next morning was Saturday, March 17th. I woke up and had a word from God that I felt needed to be written down. I want to share it with you. I hope it encourages you the way it did me.

Pilgrim, there is no reason to despair, because God is near. His promises are true and reliable. He says He will never leave you or forsake you. He says He is building a place for you where He is – so that at the very right time – a time He alone knows, He will come and get you to be with Him – forever.

Where He lives there is no sorrow there, no tears, no pain and no death. There you will receive your inheritance from Him who chose you before the foundation of the world. So, fear not little lamb, it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, where the fruit grows every month and the river of life sparkles free and clear.

And our sweet Redeemer and Advocate, Jesus, says, “Let the thirsty ones come – anyone who wants to. Let them come and drink the water of life without charge.” All of the griefs in this mortal world will be gone forever. No more daily assault from liars, unbelievers, corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshippers – nothing evil will be allowed to ever enter His great eternal HOLY Kingdom – no one who practices shameful idolatry and dishonesty – no sexually immoral and no one who loves to live a lie will be there.

There will only be the Holy ones, the humble ones, the pure in spirit and heart – the ones who have seen and believed and the ones who have not seen and believe anyway. That's you, my dear – and me- we are those who have put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has invited us to the marriage supper of the Lamb. He has washed us and made us clean and white as snow. He has encouraged us to believe and live. He has given us eternal life by the shedding of His blood for the remission of our sins. He has given us a measure of faith to believe. He has given us the hope of eternity in our hearts and He ever lives to make intercession for us as we make our journey Home.

So, do not despair, fellow pilgrim, Jesus has us. He will see to our expected end. He has written our names down in His book. He is near, now and forever. His promises are true. He is God and God cannot lie. So, give thanks to the LORD for He is good, His faithful love endures forever!

“We have this assurance:
those who belong to God will live;
their bodies will rise again!
Those who sleep in the earth
will rise up and sing for joy!
For God's light of life will fall down like dew
on His people in the place of the dead!”

Isaiah 26:19 New Living Translation

One last thing I wanted to share with you. Someone said last week, "Every single trial comes to an end. Every one." Hallelujah!

God bless you, dear ones. Thanks again for reading and praying for us. Jenn

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