Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quinoa Success and a decadent Coffee Date!

I told you that the Quinoa issue would be revisited. I had to get crafty to get my family to down this stuff. The other night I mixed a half cup of rinsed Quinoa with a half cup of rice and sauteed them in olive oil for five minutes. I added a cup or so of chicken broth, a tablespoon of butter and cooked it up to a beautiful perfection. I fried a couple pieces of real bacon (not that Turkey stuff I feed my people each morning). I crumbled the bacon and added it with salt and pepper to the Quinoa-rice mixture.

I served this up with green beans sauteed in butter and a peppercorn pork loin I baked in the oven. Rod said, "Jenn, this is really delicious." Rachel and Gracie ate it up and asked if there was more. I doled out that last bit of what was left and my friends, this is what is now known as Quinoa Success!! (I do love a challenge!)

And now about that decadent coffee date...Rod and I are pretty dedicated to our weekly coffee date. We have been at this now for around two years. Our marriage has flourished since we began taking one night a week after dinner with the girls and heading out on the town alone somewhere for coffee and conversation. Over the years, this has turned into a walk, coffee and conversation and usually a nice drive around town. Monday night we went for a walk at our favorite park first. Then, we decided we would take our drive next and finally, we decided to stop for coffee. Both of us were craving a sweet treat to go with the java. This is not the norm for me. I usually watch as Rod eats one of those vile (stale, hard, tasteless) "Old-fashioned" cold doughnuts from Starbucks with his Decaf Americano. Bless his heart, he knows not to offer me a bite anymore. I think after fifty "no-thank-yous" he's finally got the picture. YICK!

But, the thought of a GOOD doughnut on Monday night was quite appealing to me so I suggested we go out to West Asheville and have our coffee at Krispy Kreme. You see that picture at the top of the page? You see that doughnut that's not the chocolate one? That is Krispy Kreme's new "S'mores Campfire Treat" doughnut. Today is Wednesday. I have been trying hard to shake the thought of that delicious pastry ever since it crossed my lips on Monday night. It was stupendous, marvelous, amazing and I can't wait to have another one. Thank YOU, JESUS we don't live in West Asheville. Oh, Lord, I say, Hallelujah! I'd be as sick as a goose and as big as a house if we did. Please, go get one of these beauties and enjoy it before they stop making them. They really are worth the calories (however many of them there are...I don't know/care.)

So there we have Quinoa Success and a decadent Coffee Date! I keep thinking about this scripture verse to go with it:

"He has filled the hungry with good things..." Luke 1:53

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  1. I love your post! I really enjoy reading about your adventures:)